My guest today became a passionate story writer when her third-grade teacher, Mrs. Hayes, encouraged her to read aloud her imaginings. Her classmates were polite and surprisingly attentive. No hecklers doused the fires of invention that smoldered inside her. Mrs. Hayes didn’t realize that she started Susan on a path that forged her love of books, writing, and in general, learning. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Temple University; a Master’s degree; and a Doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. Informally, she explored her interests in the field of art and design, which led to the establishment of an interior design consulting business and art gallery with a friend having similar interests and talents. Currently, she devotes the majority of her days to reading and writing short stories and novels, favoring the genres of romance and woman’s fiction. Her first novel, And Now There’s You draws heavily on her art and design experiences. Welcome to Authors Over 50, Susan Etkin.


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