From The New York Times and Business Week to Fiction with Fran Hawthorne

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My guest today has been writing novels since she was four years old, although she was sidetracked for several decades by journalism. During that award-winning career, she wrote eight nonfiction books, mainly about consumer activism, the drug industry, and the financial world. She’s been an editor or regular contributor for The New York Times, Business … Read More

Editor Writes Quirky Novel with Jo Deniau

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Since her teen years, my guest today has wanted to know why people believe and live as they do — and to better understand her mother’s mental illness. After receiving her M.A. in Creative Writing and English at Ohio University, she taught literature and composition part-time at Temple University (Philadelphia) and the University of Colorado … Read More

Hope for the Worst with Kate Brandt

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My guest today is a writer, adult literacy teacher, traveler, and student of Buddhism. She is a graduate of the MFA Writing program at Sarah Lawrence College, and her work has appeared in literary anthologies and many publications, including Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Literary Mama, and Redivider. Hope for the Worst is her first novel–a … Read More

National Geographic Writer Turns to Novels

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My guest today has led a life full of words, adventure, and love. As a researcher and writer for National Geographic and later, as a humanitarian journalist, her work and travels took her throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to fascinating places to help people facing disaster, famine, and war. She worked for the … Read More