My guest today, a retired educator and now international award-winning author, is an optimist and compassionate person whose Christian faith guides her to believe in the extreme goodness in all God’s creations. Her desire for others to believe in the value of themselves led her to become an educator where she worked fervently to increase young people’s confidence and belief in themselves no matter what challenges they faced. She rescues domestic and wild orphaned, injured, or abandoned animals. Hogan’s Hope is a story of success against the odds, and she shares his journey and the message that hope can be found in the selfless and understanding hearts of loving people. She lives in Connecticut with her husband Jim, their rescued deaf pup Elsie, and yellow Labrador Gabriel in the rustic, puppy-friendly home that Jim built off the dirt road on their five-acre “piece of Heaven.” Welcome to Authors Over 50, Connie Bombaci.

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