My guest today has spent a long career as a freelance nonfiction writer and editor specializing in health and nutrition and has published several books and many articles on the topic over the years. Her debut novel, “When Robins Appear,” launched in 2020. Her second novel, “Breathing in Reverse,” was published on August 1st, 2023. She has a monthly column in Writer Unboxed titled “Getting Down to Business,” with the latest on the writing and publishing business, and is a frequent contributor to Women Writers, Women’s Books. She grew up in Louisiana, spent 13 years in New York, and settled in Austin, TX, where it’s summer nine months of the year. She’s an avid walker, drinks way too much coffee, and has a small “devil dog” that keeps her on her toes. Welcome to Authors Over 50, Densie (not Denise) Webb.

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