Today’s guest spent hours on barstools and riding in vans listening to outrageous tales from some of the best songwriters and storytellers in Nashville, Tennessee. She traded a stressful life as a pediatric cardiac sonographer for a happy one and now lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida, with her three dogs, and one turtle.

She is Editor in Chief of Reading Nation Magazine, and author of two short story collections, Walking the Wrong Way Home, which was a finalist for the Tartt Fiction Award, and Sharp as a Serpent’s Tooth Eva and Other Stories, which was voted the 2021 Best Bonus Book for The International Pulpwood Queen Book Club.

Like the characters in some of her stories, she never misses a chance to jump in a creek to catch crawdads, stand up for the underdog, or make someone laugh. She’s always making us laugh, so Welcome to Authors Over 50, Mandy Hayes!

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