My guest today is a researcher by profession, but a long-time food and fitness enthusiast at heart. She thinks of herself as “just an ordinary person trying to cut through the clutter of misleading wellness advice.” Based on what’s worked for her and for others over the years, and the discipline and attitude from more than ten years of boxing training, she’s created a no-excuse, common sense practice for a more satisfying life built on ways to use your time during your workday lunch break. It’s a simple, flexible solution called Box Lunch Lifestyle.

How to build that better lunch break—and why it matters—is the subject of her first book Box Lunch Lifestyle: Using Your Lunch Break to Win Back the Life You Deserve. Endorsed by thought leaders like Daniel Pink and Jonathan Fields, and praised by Midwest Book Review, the answer to “Can change really be this easy?” is “Yes!”

Welcome to Authors Over 50, Cheryl K. Johnson!

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